Through a variety of audiovisuals, Lower School students document their class experiences.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Field Trip to ¡elé! Magazine

·         (Jose Antonio) One sunny, beautiful, natural morning we had a field trip.  All the fourth grade was going to visit a place that produces a Spanish magazine.  When we arrived, we saw thousands of awesome pictures and drawings of animals.  There were lots of people working on computers and Wacom Pads. It was a wicked trip and an awesome one too. 

·         (Isabel E.) It all started like this:  We got off the bus and onto the front porch, and the first thing that popped into my mind was a sense of peace.  It was surrounded by bamboo, had a rock stone floor, a black metal bench, wooden doors and red walls. (Om…om… quiet. I’m meditating).    

·         (Andres) “Elé” means “Hooray!” 
·         (James) We went on a trip to ¡elé! Magazine and there was a man called Alejandro. He is the editor of the magazine, and he showed us the creative illustrators.  

·         (Liam) The guys (creating the magazine images) had a Wacom Pad, and it was super cool. 
·         (Juan Esteban) My favorite thing was when they showed us that they used se special pads for their drawings.  The pads were connected to the computers, and had special pens that came with them.  They told us that the pads wouldn’t work without the special pen.  

·         (Emilie) Berto showed us about the history of Captain Escudo, and I liked it a lot. He showed us the web page for ¡elé!, and it was really cool! It had this game called Malómetro. It is where you pick which villain you want to fight with Captain Escudo in the next edition.  If you want to check it out, go to It was an amazing trip! 

·         (Esabel E.) When we were done, we had ice cream! 

THANK YOU everyone at ¡elé! ...we love what you do!