Through a variety of audiovisuals, Lower School students document their class experiences.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PYP- Being Media Smart Unit - "Broadcasting" videos

For a formative assessment in our PYP Unit on Being Media Smart, students created "broadcasts" regarding the following topics at our school: the Varsity boy's volleyball team, the Junior Varsity girl's volleyball team, the school cafeteria and the recycling program. Take a look...

Varsity Boy's Volleyball Team:

Junior Varsity Girl's Volleyball Team:

Good Food vs. Bad Food:



Monday, November 11, 2013

World Space Week: Mr. Alfonso Murillo, Boeing Consultant for ISS (By A. C. G)

      For World Space Week we got to Skype chat with Mr. Alfonso Murillo. At first I didn't understand
him because the Internet wasn't working very much. It sounded like, "Shhhhhhhh". But then it sounded better. Mr. Murillo started by asking us questions, and he figured out that we were very smart (when it came to space science). It was very cool! He told us about mathematics, and that he liked to work with electric things. It was very fun.

      Teacher note: Mr. Murillo was a senior consultant for the Boeing Company in Huntsville, where NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) is located. Boeing was the Prime contractor for the International Space Station, and is responsible for its operation. Mr. Murillo's main areas of interest are with regard to electrical power systems, math modeling and computer simulations.


World Space Week: Skyp Chat with Michael Lutomski (By M. P. , M. M., E. P., E. B and M.S.)

“Ring, ring, ring”. Suddenly Mr. Lutomski started to talk. “Hello!”, and Ms. Margot said, “Say 'hi' everyone”. Mr. Lutomski worked for NASA for a long time, and for the last 10 years he was the Risk-Manager for the International Space Station (ISS). He’s also very funny. When we talked to him, he was eating breakfast because he was getting ready to go to work. We asked him questions about the ISS, and lots of them were about the new movie “Gravity”.

E. P. reports the following:  If you are a NASA lover, you need to know that this talk was “miraculous, exciting, awesome and even interesting”! I asked him, “Has NASA ever had another critical event like Apollo 13?” He answered, “Yes. Many, many events. But, you know, Apollo 13 was a successful failure because the crew did not die! They almost ran out of air, had a lot of CO2, the environment was getting colder, and like five other bad things happened. We were glad that the crew came back down safely.” Then I said, “Thanks”.
We also found out that the water that astronauts drink on the ISS is “recycled”…think about that for a minute.
His advice for students who want to go into space science one day was to “study hard, not get in trouble, and most importantly to learn math well”. We think that it was so awesome to learn about space exploration that our brains almost exploded. Pooff!