Through a variety of audiovisuals, Lower School students document their class experiences.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

NASA/Cubes in Space - Experiments Ready to be Sent and Launched!

     NASA/CIS after school students have successfully completed the construction of their five science experiments, now ready for launch on a NASA rocket or edge-of-space balloon! View the video clip for an understanding of the inquiry process that's taken place for this project-based learning opportunity: When the data is obtained in the fall of 2017, students will proceed to the analytical and sharing portion of this fabulous, global opportunity!

     While all experiments have meaningful applications for space exploration, the properties being explored include the following:
  • Two experiments will launch from a sounding rocket at NASA Wallops Flight Facility. The pinto bean experiment will test the effects of extreme launch forces, as well as the bombardment of radiation from the ionosphere and space on the growth of plants from seeds. The kinetic sand experiment is to determine if the sand can withstand the extreme forces associated with rocket launches and micro gravity.
  • Three experiments will launch from and edge-of-space balloon at NASA's Colombia Scientific Balloon Facility. Experiments include, once again, pinto beans and kinetic sand, as well as ultrasound gel; the purpose of which is to determine if the materials can tolerate conditions found in space, such as extreme radiation temperature fluctuation conditions. 
     For more information, check out the following link: