Through a variety of audiovisuals, Lower School students document their class experiences.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Water Demonstration Day

Note: Students created Power Points to demonstrate their understanding of various water issues, and also created a science experiment to connect applicable water properties to the issue being discussed (such as capillary action, adhesion/cohesion, density and more).

(By A.B.) On Water Demonstration Day I watched as the parents stuffed and hustled themselves into our tiny classroom. Since none of my parents could come, I waited but, finally, someone came! I felt so nervous and shy, like I was talking to royalty. But soon I found it easy and fun, and I started talking to them like a friend, and they looked like they understood everything! Now I felt like royalty. They stayed to watch my experiment, and I explained how water traveled across a paper towel (It’s capillary action!). This made me feel very professional, and I didn’t want the hour to end.

 (By M.P.) Knock! Knock! “Come in!” said Ms. Margot. Boom! All you could hear was children talking, practicing and getting ready. And I practiced a lot! “So let’s begin,” I said to my mom, while she sat down. Beep! I opened the box and took out my experiment (about filtering water naturally), and at the same time same time she took out the camera. My mom liked it, just like I had a good time J.