Through a variety of audiovisuals, Lower School students document their class experiences.

Friday, May 17, 2013

ECUAVISA TV Interviews about Pegasus (NEE-01) Satellite

One afternoon in May, our class had an interview with Ecuavisa TV and it was flabbergasting! They asked us about how we use satellite images in the classroom, and they looked at our data. Our assignment that day was to plan a trip for our teacher in South America, and to use a budget to figure out the flight, activities, meals, and the hotel. We looked at images which we downloaded ourselves by using the Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency’s ground station, Minotaur, and the HERMES-Delta program. We showed the reporter our thermal images, temperature images, 3D images, etc.  Some of us were interviewed by the reporter, who was a woman with a red dress, brown hair and was tall. 
        When we were interviewed, she asked us questions like if we enjoyed using satellite education for math class. She also asked questions like, “What does this image show us?” We replied that it was a 3D image of South America, and it showed us where clouds were. Some clouds look alike, but they don’t all have rain. We can identify which clouds have rain, by looking at a satellite image about precipitation.  These images also help us to forecast the weather, by the types of clouds that they show like “stratus” or “cumulus”.                                                               

After that they left and said that we were coming up on TV, and we got really excited that we were going to appear on TV sometime soon. This was a great experience!