Through a variety of audiovisuals, Lower School students document their class experiences.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Water Demonstration Day: We Love Science!

Teacher note: Students selected and researched a global water issue, for the purpose of educating others and encouraging them to take purposeful action. Additionally, they conducted a science experiment with a related water property (such as adhesion/cohesion, capillary action, density, etc) and accompanying lab report. The results were outstanding!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Religions Unit: Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam

     A.V: Before I learned about religions, I thought that everyone believed in the same thing. Now that I know about religions more, I see others in a different way. For example, before I saw boys wearing weird looking hats and I thought in my head, "Why do they wear those weird hats?
 But now I know that's a kippah. Jewish people wear it to show respect for God (only boys wear it). Now if I see a boy wearing a kippah I know that he is Jewish and that is OK! Even though he is Jewish, he is still part of the community!!!  T
here have been fights between religions because people didn't agree in other's beliefs. That shouldn't happen because we need to respect others' religions.
D.W.: I did no really understand some religions before, but now that we finished our Religions Unit, I learned to appreciate and relate to other people. I don't have a religion, so I always have some questions like: Why do the girls in Islam cover their heads? Who was Jesus?....Now I know the answer. Islamic girls cover their heads because they just can show their beauty at home, and this is part of their religion. Several religions meditate, but there are lots of types of meditation. You can sit quietly and close your eyes, or you can do yoga and stretch your body. My favorite one is when you close your eyes and hear a short, magical story. I learned that meditation helps you clear all the sad things in your mind, and it helps you to be happy.